Social Media Management

As a social media manager for several companies, non profit organizations and universities, I have helped them grow their online presence. Experimenting with graphics, articles, questions, pictures, I helped them learn what works best for their social media. Here are a few examples of my time working for them.

Parisian Floral Design

I handled the Facebook Page and Instagram for the growing floral company based in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service Graduate Career Center

I manage their Twitter, create marketing graphics, data infographics and videos for the official websites serving thousands of students, alumni, and prospective students.

Baha’i on Air 

I helped them grow their online audience by thousands and promoted their videos with clips and trailers and update their Facebook Page regularly.


I interned in the summer of 2016 for the start up online survey making app. Concentrating on B2B free online survey makers, I assisted in updating the social media profiles, scheduling and personally posting up to seven times a day. I also wrote weekly blogs and promoted their surveys by contacting potential clients. I also made sample surveys based on themes and topics such as a “Game of Thrones” Season 6 survey, a quiz of American history for Independence Day, among many others.