Photo by The New Yorker's Alvaro Tapia HidalgoMy paper, “Can Science Fiction Alter the Future?” was published in the gnovis Journal, you can read it online.

Abstract: What are the ethical ramifications and uses of technology? How can we know the dangers of using certain technologies when they do not exist or at least not at the moment? Science fiction reveals the possibilities of what technology can offer: the good, the bad and the ugly. Through an examination of select works, this paper analyzes how science fiction comments on the well-intentioned uses for technological services, while showing the worst-case scenarios that may result because of their existence. This argument is supported by a working communication theory to explain current technology use and the problems that arise from it. With a combination of educating oneself about technology and keeping in mind science fiction works such as these, the prevention of bad results from future technology advancements and uses is possible.

My final presentation on my independent study on fandoms and parasocial relationship theory in the digital age.

My final paper in Communications Theory and Frameworks class was explaining a fandom through two communication theories. The Fandom between A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones explained by Diffusion of Innovation and Social Information Processing.

For my Communication Technology & Organizations course, our class final project was monitoring organizations social media for up to two to three months. At the end of the semester, the students presented their findings. There were 17 organizations chosen from a wide variety of industries. I made an infographic and shared our findings on gnovis, the academic journal and blog site.


Group Project on SunStream Technology: 

For my Fundamentals of Technology class, I was part of a group where we investigated the technology, SunStream, a device that can charge cell phones using the sun’s solar rays. Here is our official website and below it the video I edited for our project:

My Semiotics and Cognitive Technology final paper was about the importance of digitization for preservation in museums and libraries. Museums are turning to categorizing and continued preservation by adopting an online database. This requires significant investment and the reception of it still needs to be determined. In this paper, I examine three organizations who are trying to continue a public, online database and why it is important to support their efforts.

I did an independent study course on: Viral Videos, Vines, Memes and Messages: The Evolution of Media and How We Process Them. I am currently submitting my paper to be published but here is a one page summary of my research:

Tara Jabbari Final Paper Summary