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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Writing Surveys

not-see-1404401_1280Creating surveys to better your business can be really beneficial. Making sure your survey is easy to read, to answer and avoid confusion is key. Here are three big no-nos:

Double-barreled questions

This is really unnecessary and annoying, right? Basically, don’t ask two questions and force them to give one answer. It really doesn’t save time, it can even hurt your results. For instance, for your restaurant, do not ask: Do you wish we had more chocolate options and service was nicer.

Instead you can ask:

  1. Do you wish we had more chocolate options?: Yes or No
  2. Do you think our service could be improved? : Yes or No

Leading questions

They really are the worse, don’t you agree? The point of a survey is that you want to learn an unbiased opinion or experience. Leading questions don’t allow that to happen. It can be hard trying to plead your case to something. However surveys aren’t about that. You want to know the truth and you can handle the truth!

Bad Example: We spent a lot of time and money on our website, was it easy to use?: Yes or No

Good Example: Was the website easy to use?: Yes or No

Avoid double negatives

That wont do you no good. If you had to reread that last sentence, I prove my point. To make an effective and quick survey (the faster it takes them, the more inclined they will participate), you need to be very on point.

Bad Example: Long lines are bad, aren’t they?: True or False

Good Example: In your opinion, the wait line is too long: True or False

If you avoid these three mistakes, you will get the most out of your survey. There are other things to help your survey. Being aware of these three is a good place to start when you first create your survey. The takers will not be confused or annoyed. You get the answers you need to make the most effective changes to progress your business.

*Originally from my internship at Qrvey.

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