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The Appeal of Anything Quick

clock-1527700_1920Why would someone want to give out a survey? Particularly for a business, it can help better their services for customers. Perhaps you would get more customers if your prices were slightly lower. You might find out that people tend to come to your store on Tuesdays rather than on Saturdays. Basically, you make a survey to get results. All of these can help you and your business do better.

So how do you get people to pay attention to you? The obvious choice is creativity but another key is quickness. The chances of anyone taking longer than three minutes out of their day to listen to you is getting slimmer. Therefore, anything that can help you get your message out there quickly is an asset.

Enter Qrvey: the free, quick survey making tool. Now, how much time do you want to take making a survey? Chances are, not a lot. Most survey makers at Qrvey take less than 4 minutes.

How much time does someone want taking a survey? As short of a time as possible! Again, with Qrvey, it takes about 60 seconds, that’s it!

No one’s time or money is wasted. The qrvey maker first has to narrow down what they really need to know. Then they can send it out to as many people as they want. The qrvey taker takes less than a minute to contribute. The results are given easily and quickly. Everyone’s a winner.

60 seconds giphy

For you and your business, how much time do you want to go over all the answers? Analyzing results and quantifying them is not the best part of surveys. Qrvey takes care of that too! All the analytics, the most popular answer, popular times people took the survey, who answered what, all of this is give to you simply and quickly.

Don’t forget that Qrvey takes care of all the steps with you and for you for no charge! From making the survey, sending it out, taking it, organizing the results – we offer it all for free! You don’t have to spend any money and spend very little time to help your business! The best things in life can be free!

So take two minutes out of your day to create an account and start your own survey, now.

*Originally from my internship at Qrvey.

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