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Never Too Late To Improve Your Business

improve-businessWhen the recession hit, a floral company in Chicago took a dive in clientele. Weddings cut back on their costs, hotels’ weekly décor changes were put on hold, and therefore flowers were not in the primary list of needs. The company went through a lot of changes. They closed their studio and moved everything into the director’s home. Over the years, things started to look up but the company could have used Qrvey’s free services to improve business. Here’s how.

With a prospering business of over 15 years in a metropolitan city, Parisian Floral Design had made many connections with prestigious  organizations, clients and hotels. When they all decided to cut back on costs, the company could have used Qrvey’s quick surveys and learned from the analytics without spending a dime. How? Quick–I mean really quick–1 minute surveys could be sent out to the client right through a follow up email after a consultation. Communicating with clients is key to improve business and Qrvey allows you to do that.

This isn’t like the common “customer satisfaction” surveys you might be familiar with. Qrvey allows you to use a template or you can create your own to  see the priorities and affordances clients have. And these surveys don’t have to be about how to improve your company specifically, they can be about how to improve business with your clients. It could ask three easy questions: how soon they think they will use the shop’s services again, how big they anticipate their next order to be and if they were happy with their current order. In less than 60 seconds, Parisian Floral Design could have gotten a heads-up that their orders were going to decrease as the recession hit.

The surveys could cater to individual clients; one hotel might have always liked big floral arrangements while another was known for it’s simple smaller arrangements. Customizing what the company knew about their preferences, they could find out what was still in their budget.

Using the ranking option, they could see what their clients were prioritizing: cost, look, monthly or weekly changes. They could also send out information on what kind of flowers and plants last the longest and are most cost efficient through a qrvey and see what the hotels are more inclined towards after they received the information.

Qrvey is an application trying to help businesses learn how they can make money while not wasting any. We aren’t reinventing the wheel but with our blogs, we hope to educate people on how much surveys can help. Qrvey is also the leader in giving all their templates and simple, yet rich, analytics all for free.

We might not have been around in 2008 but we are here now to help you improve business. Check out our infographic here on how Qrvey’s free services allow companies to learn and offer more to their clients.

*Originally from my internship at Qrvey.

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