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A Bookworm’s Ultimate Happy Place

With more than 38 million books, four buildings, and a unique history, The Library of Congress is definitely worth a library card. There are tours offered to learn about it’s construction, what it carries and the architecture and interior design is absolutely beautiful.

library of congress great hallwayIn the Jefferson building, it’s main floor also known as the Great Hallway, you will see on the floor, all the zodiac signs. The corners of the room have sculptures that represent the four corners of the world: Africa, Indian America, Asia and Europe. The ceiling is a mosaic of the most popular professions during the time of it being build which is in the late 1800s.

It houses the Gutenberg Bible, there are only three original prints left, one is here in the Library in Washington, DC the other two can be found in Paris and Rome. When you visit the second floor, a fun fact that most people get wrong when asked, the color of the paint is called Pompeian Red. The color is majestic and royal with a view of the Washington Monument. Marble was used that came from the Vatican to build the Library. There you can see the map that is the first to mention and the United States of America.

You can get a library card and use one of the 21 reading rooms and they have been working hard on the World Digital Library since 2005 where you can look through all their books, paintings, maps and anything else they have digitally and in high definition. The project is ongoing but the resources are vast and definitely worth checking out.

All in all, if you are like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, this will easily be one of your favorite places to and the beast whisper

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