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My Favorite Museums 

victoria-and-albert-museumThe Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England

I wont lie, my favorite thing about the museum is the Fashion and Jewelry Collection. Going through time by seeing what the fashion was like is a fun experience. There are other collections especially for artwork including paintings and drawings, glass, furniture, and much more. So much to see and learn, it is definitely worth more than just one visit.
InternationalSpyMuseum-1The International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., USA

Complete with giving you an alias, hidden passages, and lots of history on espionage, I can’t get enough of it! Half of my things are from the gift shop alone including shirts, invisible ink pens, and hidden book safes. The museum goes through important spy tricks and happenings over world history. From Alexander the Great’s secret messages to his commanders, to Japanese ninja’s trainings, to The Cold War, you learn a lot about how private citizens and governments kept an eye on each other.

the-museum-doesn-t-take from tripadvisor

Museum of Sex in New York City, USA

Don’t judge but it is actually really unique and interesting to learn about the history of contraception, different fetishes, and learn about the research and studies that were done to allow the public to understand what is going on with their (and the opposite sex) bodies. Obviously, because of the nature of the subject and it does not shy away from much, it is not much a family friendly outing but it is more than just for giggles. They also have an exhibit on the different techniques and habits of the animal kingdoms sexual activities.

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