Europe, Travel

My Scariest Experience On the Road

berlin by web2presentI was traveling from Dublin to Berlin to visit my cousin. He was on tour in Nuremburg and I would meet him there the morning after I arrived for a music festival. He prepared his friend to pick me up from the airport and take me to his apartment in Berlin. The next morning, I had instructions on how to get the train for Nuremburg.

All the safety precautions were made, he sent me his friend’s picture and contact information so I knew exactly who this friend was. So I arrive at night in Berlin, a place I have never been to, I wait almost an hour and then a tall, blonde German woman who spoke English asked if I was who I am.

She explained that my cousin’s friend had a music video shoot and couldn’t make it so he asked her to come pick me up. Before I confirmed anything, I asked her some questions about the mutual friend and about my cousin and she answered it all correctly. Things like, what is their number, address, etc that I could check. So I went with her and she drove me around the beautiful city. Half the population of Berlin is under the age of 40 so there lots of places that looked abandoned but were really art galleries and restaurants.

She started driving down a dark alleyway and that was when I was getting suspicious, it was now approaching midnight and I couldn’t see anything. I pretended to scratch my leg when I was really trying get my passport and cell phone (who was I going to call, 911?!) when I started hearing drums and some singing. The woman really knew my cousin and wasn’t kidnapping me! I am glad I quizzed her first and they all took great care of making sure I was welcomed in Berlin safely! But in that dark alley, for an intense minute, it became something where I would need Liam Neeson!

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