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Sydney’s Most Haunted

Sydney, Australia has quite an interesting, criminal history (see what I did there?). I took The Rocks Ghost Tour. These are some of my highlights: 1st Working Morgue aka the Dead House was near the Cadman Cottage, the smell was so harsh, you could smell it 3 miles out to sea. The mortician was a prisoner given the job with no training. If he couldn’t find a pulse or feel a breath, than he sent them to the cemetery and many were buried alive. Nail scratches were found on badly made coffins. So they started putting a string bracelet on their wrists and the end had a bell hanging outside. If they were alive and started moving around, then the gravekeepers can hear and dig them out. The problem was that there were only 2 of them, sometimes only 1 and they were in their 50-60s and yes, more than one grave was ringing so not everyone was dug up in time. Hence the expressions, saved by the bell and dead ringer.

The Shangri-La Hotel is build on top of Gallows Hill, where 100s of people were sentenced to die.

Acknowledge spirits from within or else. A lady did not say hello to George’s body that is remained in the Harbour Bridge and later, saw him in her rearview mirror driving home. George was a Scottish immigrant during the 1920s, he was part of the construction at the harbour bridge. After a while, people said he went missing, just disappeared. Turns out he fell (some say he was pushed) into a cement block of one of the bridges legs. His body is still in there. Many man made constructions have several bodies, like the Hoover Dam. You have to say hello to George in the leg as you pass by, don’t say you weren’t harbour bridge photo by trekearth

There are plenty more tales of lost souls and I highly recommend taking the tour.


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