How To Overcome Homesickness


As much as I love traveling, it can get lonely sometimes. However, it is really easy to keep in touch with your loved ones. I made some close friendships when I lived in New Zealand and there are plenty of free apps that allow me to text and even call them, such as WhatsApp. Of course there is social media as well where I can see photos of what’s new with everyone and there is the savior known as Skype and I would be broken hearted without email especially when it comes to keeping tabs with my parents.

Other than how technology can keep us close with our friends and family no matter where we are, there are other things too. Getting access to television shows and films are easier to get a hold of now with streaming, that you can keep track of your favorite programs which makes it seem like being home.

It can be exciting to absorb everything new during your travels but I also recommend to make somethings the same, even if it’s something as simple as bringing your favorite book or music with you so that you don’t feel too lost or alone. I hope these tips help, do you have any tips on overcoming homesickness?

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