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Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

IMG_8531Thomas Jefferson: an American Founding Father, author of the Declaration of Independence, and the third President of the United States. He lived till the age 83 and his home (where he is also buried) is now a national landmark. The Monticello is beautiful and you learn a lot about Jefferson and American history. Here are some highlights:

– You can see Shadwell, where Jefferson was born.

– In the library, there are 1,900 books and these were the second collection! He sold his first but clearly, the library wasn’t empty of everything.

– Thomas Jefferson was the first person to have written the recipe for vanilla ice cream.

– The Madison Guest Room is octagon shaped because Jefferson liked having many windows.

– The outside terrace has a view of the University of Virginia, which he founded.

– There are two kinds of tours, one that talks about the house and takes you on the first floor and outside. The second is the Behind the Scenes Tour that allows you to go upstairs where his family stayed.

– Where you buy the tickets and where the bus picks you up, there is a cafe museum, theater, gift shop, and the gravesite where the slaves were buried.


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