The 3 Types of Women in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of, if not the most successful television show in history. There are so many characters, personalities, atmospheres and situations that despite it being a fictional world, anyone can relate to at least one character. What is particularly interesting are the women. As I was watching and re-watching the show and the progression of the characters, I started to theorize on something.
There are three types of women on the show and they do a pretty damn good job representing the types of women in real life. None are 100% because every human being has more layers than an onion and like snowflakes, no two are alike but still, there is something going on that connects reality with fiction.
Homebody Type 1: The Homebody

Women like Catelyn Stark or even Gilly, they like to mind their own business, live simple lives and have everyone they love safe and happy. Of course, in a world like Game of Thrones, their hopes will be shattered but in real life, it may be possible.

Opportunist Type 2: The Opportunist

Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell have a lot more in common than either would care to admit. Both women came from already very important and wealthy families but they wanted more and did everything and anything to get it. Very similar to Melisandre, they take what they want and think of mostly themselves. It’s something to be admired of but not something to aspire to.


Type 3: The LeaderRuler

Take a wild guess at who I am thinking of. Daenerys Targaryen, or Khalessi if you feel like showing some love, is the one we root for. Refusing to be a victim or a casualty, she gained the respect and admiration, even love of half a dozen different cultures and thousands of people. She stays strong and just, proving herself to be something to be feared but needed and commended. There are very few women like this, even on the show, (but if I had to bet on it, Arya is in this category or working towards it). In real life, these women think of what is best for their families, for their communities, and yes, for themselves. It is not an easy category, the other two are far more simpler. Certainly not everyone can be just this type or one of the others but from my travels and interactions, many can be roughly put into these three categories.
Note that on the show, just as in life, people can change. Sansa Stark in the beginning of the show was like her mother, thinking she can marry, have a family and life is that. Through such turmoil and surrounded by opportunists of both genders, she, in my opinion is turning into a Type 3. She has to survive and get vengeance for what has happened to her family but as it was shown during season 2 during the battle of Blackwater, she can still help people and be brave for others when the time comes.
Perhaps I am being silly and letting a fictional story take over too much of my life. Either way, I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below!  

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