Do we travel enough? I think not.

IMG_9406Not enough people travel, not from what I have seen. On top of that, not a lot of people actually move, relocate.

Take my situation right now, in August I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles but I did not want to switch my health insurance or get a new drivers license for both sentimental reasons and also because I wasn’t sure if this move will be successful. I moved with having three solid leads to work in media production.

Well after 6 months, I was left with experiences that were not in any way positive. But this isn’t about my struggles in Hollyweird. This is about the attitude I have witnessed from most people when moving.

You have to keep your options opened and yet, the rules in each state do not make that easy. It is mandatory to change your state license within a year otherwise it can be up to a $500 penalty in California, the car insurance is atrociously high in the state yet it is highly recommended you change it. And then there is health insurance, oh the struggles with that! I am not covered in California so one measly shot is $200 or free in Illinois. And don’t get me started on the toll ways! Why can’t my Illinois I-Pass work in another state? Can’t the country just get our money from one pass?! No, instead, I have to remember every toll-way I took to get across the country and then if I missed it, then the penalties add up. On top of all this moving and trying to find a paying job in Los Angeles, I have a job interview back home in Chicago! So it may be a good thing I did not switch everything to a different state because I am ending right back from where I started!

IMG_5202This isn’t my first time experiencing the struggles of moving. During college, I studied abroad in the United Kingdom and had to deal with preparing for in-case-of-emergency situations during my time there before I left. Then I lived in New Zealand for a year and actually had an accident where I ended up having my arm in a cast for 6 weeks and thankfully, New Zealand’s health care policy is a lot nicer, where they paid 80% of the medical bills because it was an accident. Forget that happening in America! Maybe I am a weird nomad, maybe I am the bizarre one to think, why do I have to settle in just one place?

I think of my parent’s generation who, many with small children, had to flee Iran after the revolution and move to an entirely new continent without really knowing the languages and what will happen as far as work, living situations, etc. And it all worked out. My aunt for instance, has lived in over 5 cities in 4 countries in 3 continents and speaks 5 languages. My generation? I am not seeing this much diversity. I am getting enough problems trying to move within the same country!

chi shirtI am starting to think that less and less people are inclined to move around, get out of their comfort zones because of all the hassle it is with all the rules and regulations. Taking a vacation is one thing, sure but to actually take a chance and start all over in a new place? Think of all the paper work and finding a new health insurance policy, new doctor, new car insurance, on top of the more obvious, new place to live, what is near by, etc. In my generation, less people are actually finding jobs before they move somewhere. In the past, the new job would take care of a lot of these issues for you to help you ease into transition. Not likely now, we are on our own, desperate to find work and have to fend for ourselves. And I really do think it is preventing us from taking more chances and exploring. Will any of these things change? I doubt it, different states will not accept the other’s toll way passes, it is no secret that America’s health care policy is flawed, and there are tons of things I am not considering here but my point is that we are stifled from taking chances and when we are young, that is the time we should take them. So what if I moved everything across the country and now, less than a year later I have to move everything back? I am young, being placed all over is part of the experience and fun of being young! I wish more people will take a chance instead of settling because believe me, you are missing out on a lot if you never try.


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