If You Are Moving To NYC, Watch

New York City, there is no place like it. If you are lucky enough to visit and even luckier to move there, here are some things you can watch to prepare yourself for the city that never sleeps:

manhattan1.) Manhattan

Woody Allen’s love letter to NY. He has made a lot of films, this is the one that was all about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful that Manhattan has to offer.






2.) How To Make In AmericaHow-To-Make-It-In-America-Poster-Season-2

This HBO series shows the realities of trying to make any sort of income doing something you love. The best part is that it takes place in NYC and the saying, “If you can make it here (New York), you can make it anywhere,” rings very true.





sex and the city3.) Sex & The City

No one has ever lived this way, not even the Hilton sisters. But it can’t hurt to dream, right? See the fashion, the heartbreak, the restaurants, the love, the hate all in the great streets of New York City (they even go to Staten Island at one point!) and imagine yourself in Carrie’s shoes.


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