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If You Are Moving To Chicago, Watch

Films, television shows, books, lots of forms of media portray cities and some get it right, some get it weird and some just plain wrong. If you find yourself moving to or just visiting Chicago, here is what I recommend you watch in preparation:

Untouchables1) The Untouchables

Chicago’s history is very interesting and quite scandalous. With plenty of really great scenes in famous places (Andy Garcia going after the baby carriage at Union Station, anyone?), this is a great film to see the city and to learn a bit about of its saga.

adventures-in-babysitting-remake-coming-to-disney-channel2.) Adventures in Babysitting

As a kid, you wanted to join in, as a former babysitter, I secretly panicked this would happen when I was watching kids! Either way, it brings the memories of exploring one of coolest cities in the world (in my totally biased opinion). This is a must see and you will quickly recognize lots of places (that’s the building the girl was trapped outside of!) and have fun making your own adventures.

mybestfriendswedding3.) My Best Friend’s Wedding

Silly chick flick from the 90s but it showed lots of cool spots of Chicago. An added bonus is the days of when Julia Roberts ruled the movie world and Cameron Diaz was the new ditz.

Do you have a favorite Chicago film? Comment below!

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