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If You Move To New Zealand, Watch

New Zealand has gotten a lot of hype, it is slowly growing to be a Bucket List fulfilled location. I was fortunate enough to live there for a year so I am speaking from personal experience. If you are moving there or just visiting, you should check out these as part of your preparation:

1.) Flight of The Conchords

This show shows how two Kiwis sing about their adventures in NYC, it may not take place in New Zealand but it gives you an idea of the kind of sense of humor they have. Plus, the songs are pretty catchy.


2.) The Whale Rider

I highly recommend you read the book because it was loads better than the film. Read or watch, this story is a great way to learn the history and culture of the Maori people.

3.) Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbittwo-towers-badasses

The films were shot on location and a lot of them have been turned into places you can actually visit, such as Hobbiton and Mordor. They are long but you can see the nature of New Zealand.

Any kiwis or people who visited New Zealand, have I missed something? Comment below!

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