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The Official Languages of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California has quite a diverse demographic with many different neighborhoods. Examples are Koreatown, Little Persia, and well, you get the idea. So if you think just because it is in America,that English is it’s first spoken language, you would be wrong.

In my experience, the first language is Spanish, the second is Persian, and then it is English.

A quick demographic profile of Los Angeles County shows that: 47.5% of the population is Hispanic, 27.9% white non-Hispanic, 14.3% Asian-Pacific Islander, 8.3% black; and 2.1% other races.

Another word to call Los Angeles is Tehrangeles, it has the largest Iranian population in the country. The intersection of Westwood Boulevard and Wilkins Avenue is recognized as “Persian Square.”

I guarantee that these three languages will be spoken at any given time. If you are visiting, I ask you to really listen as you walk the streets, leave the window down while stuck in traffic and when eating somewhere, keep quiet and don’t say I didn’t warn you of what you will hear! And if you do speak all three languages, there is a lot of eavesdropping to do!

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