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ABC’s of Traveling (H-M)

H: Hottest place you’ve traveled to: Antalya and Chicago in the summers

I: Incredible service you’ve experienced and where: Manhattan, the locals and the hotel staff where always willing to help. I think New Yorkers are the nicest Americans!

J: Journey that took the longest: Chicago to Auckland, 4.5 hours from Chicago to Los Angeles, 7 hour connecting flight, 12 hours from Los Angeles to Auckland, plus with the time difference, I lost a day.

postcards from my travelsK: Keepsake from your travels: I hate shopping but I love going to souvenir shopping! I think I love my postcards that I get from many places I visit, including a map of New Zealand, the Trinity College Library in Dublin, “The Kiss” from the Musée Rodin, among others. I bring these anywhere I move.

L: Let-down sight, why and where: The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, it can be seen in many areas of the city and its neighboring areas but you cannot actually ever go near it! Stonehenge has more accessibility than this!

paris aram and me at effielM: Moment you fell in love with travel: For as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is when I was seven or eight (as pictured here), walking around Paris, France with my mother and imagining living there and the opportunities I could have taking a train to the numerous close countries next to France, even though I loved Paris, I still wanted to continue to travel and explore other areas.




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