Disneyland Adventures

Disneyland by Tara JWhen one is asked by her friends to join them to take their 5 year old to Disneyland, you definitely agree. So we went and stayed at one of the hotels near enough for the bus to take you to Disneyland and we spent one day and night at Disneyland, a Monday to boot! Sure, we still had to wait for an hour to get into a ride but the popcorn they sell is delicious, so get plenty of it while you are in line (though, you might not be able to keep it down after certain rides).

In the ten hours I was there, I rode 6 rides and I ranked them from my favorite to my least:

Indiana Jones Adventure = My favorite ride, perhaps because it was the last ride from a long day but either way, it was fun just a very long line!

Jungle Cruise = The guide had lots of puns but it was still nice for a more relaxed ride.

Space Mountain = It might be the most famous except for the Pirates ride but while it has tons of thrills, it was too much for me. Especially since the ride is dark for the most part, any  lights coming out of nowhere was a bit much for me, I closed my eyes for most of it.

Star Tours = Right after breakfast, our first ride as we arrived and let me tell you, this was not a good idea.

Pirates of the Caribbean = Quite disappointing, just two short drops and ride thrills then it is the story of the pirate life, Jack Sparrow does say good bye to you as you leave which was pretty cool.

Splash Mountain = It has a 50 foot drop that is actually not all that scary (it was not worth the mini panic attack I was having in anticipation) and the music was very annoying.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Through = In general, Fantasyland is just purely for the children, walk to hear the stories of the films instead of watching them, it is pretty cute but can be boring for adults.

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