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If I Could Be Turned By A Vampire

Yes, I really like vampire based films and shows, and even books. No, I never liked the Twilight series, that was the total opposite of why the vampire genre is so intriguing.

So from all the shows and movies to choose a vampire to be my “maker,” from Dracula, Interview With A Vampire, Buffy, to The Vampire Diaries, if I had to be made into a vampire, I would want it to be (in order of preference):

spike from Spike from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer

How can you not love Blondie Bear? He is definitely cool and has quite the reputation. He might not the most post helpful and nurturing maker, but he is still awesome.

Godric_in_True_Blood from sookiestackhouse.wikia.com2.) Godrik from True Blood

In the series, Godrik is admired by not only vampires but by humans, he might not have always been such a sacrificial, wise vampire but he always had a caring nature towards his proteges.

underworld_billnighy_viktor from

3.) Viktor from Underworld

He is not perfect, killing his own daughter, lying to his new adoptive one but Bill Nighy somehow makes him cool, enough so to make me think, hey if I had to be made into a vampire, I would not mind him to do it.

Who are your favorite vampires and who would you want to be your “maker”?

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