My Favorite Spies

I am a huge nerd when it comes to spies. My favorite museum is the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. and I thoroughly remember my parents renting James Bond and Jack Ryan films. I know every episode of Alias, Spooks, and 24 by heart. I have three different books on the history of spies from the time of Alexander the Great to the set up of the CIA.

Here are my all time favorite fictional spies:

alias photo by catanna.comSydney Bristow (Jennifer Gardner) – Alias

She kicks some serious butt and has a heart of gold. Being one of the first main female spies in television, she is a great character for young girls such as I was to watch and grow up to.

adam carter spooks virginmedia

Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones) – Spooks

He came in to replace Mr. Darcy, with countless moral dilemmas, he stayed cool and for the most part, collective but never lost his humanity. Plus, his love stories were never simple, while on a mission, he fell for the wife of his enemy, twice!

homeland from Quinn – Homeland

This show is one of the best ever, with many great characters, Saul and Carrie are certainly one of the best but Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is just what people think of when thinking of the genre. He is silent, sly, deadly and quite sexy. What more can you ask for in a spy?

Philip Jennings aka Mischa – The Americans

matthew-rhys-featuredBased on true stories and since it is on more reality, it is a bit slower paced than the average espionage show. Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are Russian spies undercover as average everyday Americans for over 15 years. While Elizabeth is an appealing character, it’s Philip (Matthew Rhys) who has the charm, humor, and I think, more conflict. He loves his country but is it really worth the lives of his children and his partner? It’s fascinating to watch and allegedly, the inspiration for the show is still going on!

Honorable Mentions: 

Chase_Edmunds photo by en.wikipediaChase Edmunds (James Badge Dale) – 24

Jack Bauer’s one time son-in-law was relatable for anyone who is only starting their job, finding love and realizing what having responsibilities is like.

chuck photo by Bartowski (Zachary Levi) – Chuck 

This show was fun and the big idea behind it was that the main character, despite everyones prejudices, was meant to be a spy.

If you are wondering why there aren’t other female spies it is because I have not found any that I really liked. They usually are either too masculine, trying to hide the fact that they are women or they used too much like bate. I do think characters are changing, for instance in the latest Mission Impossible with Paula Patton, she was in charge but had weaknesses and treated pretty much as an equal. I hope there will be more roles like this and Sydney Bristow for actresses soon. Then I will have a whole new list.

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