Why Only One Season?

There are several great shows that only lasted one season and that is simply not fair! In the last television season, two shows in particular I was quite disappointed that it was cancelled:

Trophy-WifeTrophy Wife

Funny show, but it is true, it has a terrible title. Everyone was great, but my favorites are Marcia Gay Harden and Dennis Haysbert. The children in the series have been some of the best, complete different personalities, not annoying one bit. It would have been a very sweet family show but for some ridiculous reason, it is no longer going to continue.

Bad TeacherBad Teacher

I loved the movie, but again, true, no teacher I know did not. Great outfits and all in all, the teacher had a very confident attitude that was something to be admired. The show kept that attitude with a fun supporting cast who shared some form of disfunction. I enjoyed the show and wish it would continue. It is nothing especially unique but it is good to watch for some fun.

Honorable Mention:

crazy-onesThe Crazy Ones

I was really hoping this would last, in all honesty, mostly because I was hoping Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Everybody Loves Raymond alums could make guest appearances. I liked this show, the cast had a great chemistry and it would have been great if it had continued. C’est La Vie!




A ghost from the past, Outsourced should have never been cancelled. It was on after my favorite show, 30 Rock and it was hilarious, sweet, and unique where I had tears in my eyes laughing so hard each week. It was a great family show too, great for all ages and despite us fans starting a Save Outsource social media campaign, alas, it was not so. Still, I will never forget it, nor let it go that it was cancelled.

outsourced cast

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