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My Favorite Social Media

I was a 90’s kid, I had a Facebook profile when you still needed a school id to get one and am all too familiar with the sounds AOL made when I wanted to check my email. I used to turn off my block-sized cell phone when I was in the house because we used to actually talk, not text. Fast forward to 2014 where my thumbs are faster than a cheetah, going on many social media profiles to share whatever I want, whenever I want. So what is my favorite form of social media to connect and share with others?

pinterest_badge_red1) Pinterest = member since October 2011

I use this all the time, sometimes as a checklist, others to promote content. Shopping, vacationing, cooking, whenever I need something (or want), I go to Pinterest and add an item to my boards to keep in mind when the time comes to buy, cook, etc. It is also fun to have for silly boards such as my “Bond, James Bond…in 10-15 Years” where you can share your opinion on something like casting for the next James Bond. The best part is that people who are like you will find and follow you! Finally, for businesses, it is a great way to promote your website. Pins direct you from the original source and can grow your SEO. Anything that does this is worth it!

twitter2) Twitter = member since March 2012

What once was thought of a narcissistic moment has become one of the most informative, interesting and effective forms of communication for me. When I was getting ready for my move to New Zealand, I went on twitter for tips, the same for when I was training fora  half marathon. Want to contact your favorite actor? Program? Clothing store? Restaurant? Go on Twitter! So much to do and say in 140 or less characters!

Obviously, there are tons more profiles (check some of mine out and dare you to follow me!) but these are what I find most useful for the most purposes. What are your favorites?

If you want some information on social media in general, check out my Pinterest board with the latest infographics and studies. 

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