What Is The Junior Youth Empowerment Program?

The hardest age in any person’s life is between 11-15, where you are transitioning from childhood to teenager. You are not either one, you are expected to be more responsible yet are not given any. Your personality and body is changing, your school is changing and chances are, your friends. Your attitude towards them and your family may be changing, it’s common.

At the same time, your senses are most heightened with curiosity to your surroundings and injustice. Indeed, this age group can start changing their communities for the better but they need support and guidance. That was the thought process behind the junior youth empowerment program, also known as the junior youth spiritual empowerment program.

I made a two part video for the New Zealand television show, Baha’i on Air, about the program, how it started, what they do and after 10 years since its inception, what has changed. Footage comes from real life testimonies all over the world, such as The United States, Australia, Colombia and many, many, many more.


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