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Queenstown: Queen of the South Island

Alright, so it might not be known as the queen of the south island but it IS beautiful, surrounded by mountains and tons of fun activities fit for all. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or like something quieter, there is something for everyone. Have a picnic at the beach, go up the gondola, go paragliding, visit neighboring towns such as Arrowtown or see famous sites (like Mordor, as in Lord of the Rings’ Mordor), the possibilities are endless.


I spent just a couple of days in Queenstown doing only a few of what I mentioned above and I would definitely go back. Here are some facts about Queenstown, plus where to eat and relax after an adventurous day:

There are roughly 14,000 locals and they have over 2 million visitors every year, which means 4,000 tourist at any given day. Many locals work in a tourist store or restaurant.

Being from Chicago, the climate and “bipolar” weather is nothing new to me but it is for New Zealand so plan ahead especially during the changing of the seasons.

Food is plentiful and Queenstown is famous for it’s Ferg Burger. It only has one location but the restaurant is known internationally for its gourmet menu, it started in 2001 and is now a must do on anyone’s list. They also have started a Ferg Baker so you can have breakfast there too!

LICKRight next door to them, on Shotover Street is the best homemade gelato ice cream, Lick. Their servings are plentiful that you honestly can have it as a full meal. My tastebuds still crave Lick and I haven’t found anything as delicious as theirs yet.

These are some of the things I have seen and learned during my short stay in Queenstown. For some activities to do, visit my Tripadvisor to see what else is (and what is not) worth your time at Queenstown!


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