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Driving to Mordor: Skippers Canyon Road in Queenstown

“One does not simply walk into Mordor.” And there is a reason!

Morder behindGoing through Skippers Canyon Road, a two-way, one lane, right next to a cliff is where several locations used for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy including the infamous Mordor.

Taking a tour through the canyon is not for the faint of heart. One false swerve, you will fall all the way down, at least that is what it feels like. The tour buses that can take you is very safe but people can go on their own vehicles or motorbikes.

The canyon is also famous for it’s history in mining and engineering.

At the bottom is Upper Shotover River is where you can ride a blue jet boat and take full 360 degree turns. Your experienced driver is also a tease, riding the boat right next to cliffs so just as you think you are about to crash, you are in fact, safe.

Shoutout River from topThe river is full of gold and is the richest river in the world. It was discovered when a man’s dog, ironically named Lucky fell into the river in the 1860s. His owner ran after him and along with both being safe, they discovered gold! The rest is history.

I loved it all, hearing about the history and the famous locations in several successful films.

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