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USA vs New Zealand

My year in New Zealand is almost done and I have compiled a list of pros of the two countries I have lived in:

United States Pros:

  • There are drive thru banks for ATMs and to deposit checks.
  • You can pay at the gas (or petrol) station without needing to go inside.
  • Unlimited internet! You do not buy an amount of internet unlike in New Zealand, when you pay for internet, you get however much you want.
  • I miss Gap, H&M and All Saints

New Zealand Pros:

  • There are no pennies or even nickels  It is heaven not to have 1 cent in my pockets anymore!
  • People tend to be friendlier and more relaxed.
  • Traffic is a joke compared to the States. I have never stayed stuck in traffic over an hour in New Zealand plus parking is a lot easier to find. The States is an entirely different story

If you ever plan to visit or live in New Zealand, here is a chart to understand their accent (though after a year, these pronunciations sound more Australian). If you don’t learn anything, at least it is pretty funny!

how to speak kiwi

Have you ever lived in a different country? What have you noticed that is different? Comment below!

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