Shocking Fictional Deaths On TV

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

Everybody was shocked about Game of Thrones Red Wedding deaths (if you don’t know it, you have been living under a rock). However, below are my personal red wedding deaths aka I was shocked, heartbroken and screaming at the TV to bring these characters back.

jimmy photo by ravenwavesblog

Jimmy Boardwalk Empire

The second lead of the show was shot and killed on the second season finale of this HBO hit show. In the two seasons, Jimmy, played by Michael Pitt went through a lot of power struggle but I never thought they would kill him off and watching reruns just makes it worse!

opie photo by sonsofanarchy.wikia

Opie Sons of Anarchy

I just started watching the show as a way to grieve the series finale of Breaking Bad. I had heard that my favorite, Opie the best friend, played by Ryan Hurst would die however I did not know when and how. I kept guessing and waiting but nothing prepared me for when it did happen!

nate photo by latina

Nate Southland

This show is never short of realistic and has powerful story lines. I remember that I was watching the episode while at the gym on the treadmill and when the detective Nate, played by Kevin Alejandro was shot and killed by a gang, I actually screamed and stopped the treadmill! And yes, I did get a few odd looks.
David_Palmer photo by en.wikipediaDavid Palmer 24

Before Obama and Allstate commercials, there was President Palmer played by Dennis Haysbert. He always trusted Jack Bauer and was a true protector. Something rare in politics but he payed a price for being Bauer’s favorite politician. He was assassinated after surviving multiple attempts. He was a favorite for fans and certainly for me.

You could say that I take these shows way too seriously and that I need to get over it but I’m not going to change! If anyone else gets sad watching their favorite characters say good bye, please comment and share your tragedies!

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