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How To Survive A Long Flight

airplane by youwallThe longest non-stop flight is from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey. They are both the longest distance (roughly 9,500 miles) and in time (22 hours). The longest flight I took was 12-13 hours from Istanbul to Chicago and Los Angeles to Auckland.

From research and personal experience, here are some tips to make your flying travels a little easier:

– Wear comfortable clothes, nothing tight! Who cares if you wear pajamas? And ladies, wear your easiest bra so that you can take it off or if you can sleep in it, then so much the better. Shoes should be easily put on or off, you should also wear socks because it can be cold.

– Take sleeping pills with you. If you are like me, you can only sleep an hour at a time on a flight without medication. With a pill, I can sleep almost triple that time.

– Invest in a neck pillow and soundproof earphones. This allows you to sleep without interruptions.

– Stay hydrated, bring good moisturizer and for sure, stretch and get up from your seat to walk and awaken your body muscles.

– Don’t pack your life in your carry on luggage.

– Choose an airline that has the tv in front of your chair and that allows you to chose what you want to watch.

– Bring a good book and/or buy fun magazines, especially if you are traveling alone.

Do you have any tips? Comment below!

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