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A Wild Cat Zoo

Just 2-3 hours away from Auckland, you can hear the roar of lions, tigers, cheetahs and panthers. As a lover of all things cat like, my first Grabone (Groupon for New Zealand) was to the Kingdom of Zion, in Whangarei. The tour is about two hours where you walk to the different caged areas for these majestic animals.

lion teethMy biggest advice is to wear boots or gym shoes, it can be extremely muddy and poopy as they have deer running around to cut the grass (they are not for the wild cats, much to their dismay I am sure). I wont spoil all the cool facts I learned but here are some of the things I learned:

– Tigers stripes are as unique as a person’s fingerprints.

– These cats moods change in half a second which can be seen in the eyes but you can’t look at them in the eye so you must take quick glances!

-Cheetahs live up 12 years old

– Lions and tigers can live up to 20 years old in captivity.

– A liger should never be made, it is like a cat and dog mating, lions and tigers are so opposite so their offspring will not be well.

– Being the boss of a clan is not about size but about personality (true for all living creatures, isn’t it?)

narnia– The lion that The Chronicles of Narnia was modeled after lives here in the Kingdom of Zion. His and his girlfriend’s cage is next to the girl’s ex-boyfriend and yes, there is tension!

– There are several tours offered, this informative tour, and a feeding tour where if you are the right height and age and if you are not scared to, you can actually feed the cheetahs! To find out more, check out their website:

If you want to see a video from there, check out my Instagram @tara_jabbari for more:


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