Places I Want To Go

Happy New Years Day!

This is not a new years resolution but more of my travel to do list:

day dead photo by kids.nationalgeographic– Go to Mexico for the Day of the Dead, one of my favorite holidays.




– See the northern lights which can be most seen in Scandinavian countries or Northern Canada and Alaska.

aurora by


tunisia-colosseum_photo by kitty.travellife– See the Roman colosseum in Rome, Italy and in El Jem, Tunisia. Both are treasures of that time period and El Jem’s is more in tact since they have less visitors.




Museum of New & Old Art in Hobart, Tasmania also known as a museum for people who hate museums. It has a sex-and-death section, a wall of porcelain vaginas and a machine called Cloaca that replicates the human digestive system and produces faeces plus more. Image

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