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Favorite Airlines

I have done my bit of traveling and I do have some favorite airlines:

Air New Zealand:

First, my favorite color is purple and that is their color of choice. It’s a stupid reason but it does make a difference for me. Nothing is really near New Zealand, the shortest flight anywhere outside of New Zealand is at least 3 hours to neighboring islands like Tonga or Samoa. To make up for that, they have dozens and dozens movie choices and television shows, chargers for your smartphone or iPad and their safety video is unique and funny. That may seem like an odd thing to note but if you have seen it, you will know what I am talking about!

Air Canada:

air canada airlines

Entertainment is important for flights, long or short. Thankfully, there are so many movie and television options and the best part is that you can watch them anytime, even during take off and landing. No more waiting to have some form of entertainment, I can now watch Veep whenever we are in the plane. Also, there are plugs to charge your iPhone or iPod and even your laptop! Pretty cool!

Turkish airlines

Turkish Airlines:

The chairs is similar to turquoise, one of my other favorite colors and like Air Canada, they have many options of things to watch. Service hasn’t been the best, they don’t get to your light right away but hey, I have three movies still to watch so I don’t mind.


*This was written before most airlines offer many of these features, such as chargers for your devices. These airlines were some of the first to adapt and offer the services.

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