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Thanksgiving with “Friends”

There probably is no other show that is more known for their Thanksgiving episodes than Friends. From the guest stars (who can forget Brad Pitt), to the revelations (so that’s how Chandler lost his toe).

For a while, there was even a rumor that if Friends would come back, it would be for a Thanksgiving setting. Since it’s second season, it seems that there is a tradition to watch the show at some point during this holiday. It just feels wrong not to.

This post explains why Friends and Thanksgiving sum up the show and really, what Thanksgiving is all about: gathering all the crazy people in your life together for one meal.

Friends Thanksgiving by

Even if you haven’t watched the show, you probably know about their hilarious Thanksgiving episodes! So after the dinner that will keep you full for the whole of winter, stream, pop in a DVD of the show, or turn on the TV because for sure, you will find Friends on and complete the holiday at Monica and Rachel’s (or Chandler’s, depending on the season).

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with “Friends””

  1. Hi Tara,
    Greetings from Arizona. Thanks for posting occasionally so we can keep up with you. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at Desert Rose Baha’i Institute in Arizona. Everyone got “volunteered” to help and it was a community effort. Also, at the Skydive airport 1 mile from year a group of women set the world record for the most women doing a free fall formation. See the video at,0,6114490.story

    Can you tell which one is me? I’m the one on the ground looking up, but with some cloud cover, I’m not visible.

    Take care and be careful with your jumps.

    Cosby and Bob Rogers

    1. That is so cool! That’s also on my to do list, to skydive! I am glad to hear that you guys had a nice Thanksgiving! We were thinking of doing it here in New Zealand but no one wanted to host it which really is a wise choice! I am glad you are liking my blog!

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