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Jane Austen’s Bath

bath jane austin

Like any other woman, I love Jane Austen and I love the film versions of her books. In November, 2012, my mother and I took almost two weeks staying in the charming town called Bath which has many different Jane Austen tours and museums.

Bath is a World Heritage site because of its Roman rule, survival during the world wars and many other historical events. There is so much to do, from a free walking tour, two Jane Austen tours, Roman bath tours and the Abbey Church which you go up and down over 200 flights of stairs and see an amazing view of Bath.

The Jane Austen Centre is a geek fest and I have the soundtracks to all the different film versions so I didn’t need the CD but I got plenty of gifts. Their cafe had yummy food, in fact Bath has lots of different restaurants that you can choose from. For my mother’s birthday, we went to the Royal Crescent Hotel, where I had sweet bread also known as testicles and it was delicious.

bath sweat bread is balls

The hotel itself costs 200-1000 a night and the restaurant isn’t cheap but it was worth it for a fun night.

Oxford, London, Cardiff and other cities are nearby with less than two hour train rides offered. A travel tip: if you miss your train time printed on your ticket, don’t sweat it, you can get the next one without buying another ticket or you can leave earlier than the time you bought for. We learned that the hard way.

bath - roman bathsAll in all, lots of history, lots of culture and personality, lots of charm, Bath is for sure a must! For more pictures, check out my tumblr.


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