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Ghosts I Have Encountered

I’m not sure if I really believe in ghosts, honestly, it wouldn’t surprise to me if they really don’t exist or if they really do. But there are a few times where I have had eery feelings and found out that these places have had reports of ghosts occupying the area.

Malahide Castle by bestukireland.comIn Malahide Castle, there is said to be a ghost who only makes his presence known if he does not like something or someone. As a classmate and I waited for our group to leave from the gift shop, we were in a corner next to a door that we think was for storage in modern times but what it was when 100 years ago, we aren’t sure. We were chitchatting until we heard a huge “BANG” from the other side of the door. Nothing else, just that angry sound from the other side. It could have been the ghost who doesn’t appreciate us standing there, visiting, he might hate Americans or it could be a person pulling a prank. What do you guys think?

chi submarine ghostAt Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry, there is a submarine from WWII, the U-505 now available for tours. My father and I went there four years ago on Halloween. As we toured the cramped submarine and I was in the corner next to all this heavy machinery, behind the group, no other human near me, I suddenly felt a caress on the side of my face. I found that strange since no one’s hands could barely move so how could someone caress my face. When we left, we were told that a marine who annoyed all the others became sick. Instead of helping him heal, they let him die and ever since, he haunts the submarine and likes to make his presence known to pretty young women. My first thought was, “A ghost thinks I’m pretty?” If it’s true or not about the ghost, it’s nice to hear that you are pretty!

Have you ever encountered ghosts? Leave a comment!

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