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Boston’s Most Haunted


Boston Parker House Hotel expedia.comIn Boston, the Parker House is where President John F. Kennedy proposed to his wife and where presidents and Stephen King stay when they visit the city. It is also, very haunted, with reports of noise, smell of cigar smoke in unoccupied rooms and other paranormal activity.

The Liberty Hotel, though not necessarily haunted was a prison that served executions. I do want to stay in the hotel, perhaps that is a bit weird but I find it interesting to make a hotel out of a prison.

The State House holds Lady Mauritana, the figurehead that has been on at least three different pirate ships. All of the ships have met deathly ends but somehow, this figurehead survived. She is suppose to be a busty, brunette in a red dress which entranced the captain’s into keeping her for their ship. Fires, drownings, and other activities caused the passengers deaths and Boston kept this figurehead. Today, she is in a locked glass box held in the basement of the State House.

On Halloween, I will be blogging about the ghosts that I have personally encountered!

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