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Chicago’s Most Haunted

Weird Chicago Tour Bus brings you to all the corners of Chicago’s rich history. Here are a couple hot spots with many reported paranormal activities.

The Congress Hotel, specifically the Gold Room 

Anytime a president or other important figures come to stay in Chicago, this is the hotel they stay in. While it is actually ugly, looking like an old circus tent, the Gold Room is quite beautiful. Many functions are held there and it is where the infamous serial killer, H.H. Holmes would come to find his next victim. The pictures show the Gold Room lit while the second photo I took in the dark. The guide confirmed, the cloud circle is a ghost!

chi gold room congress ghost

chicago gold room ghost

Other places are The Liar’s Club is a popular bar and if you go upstairs, you can play all sorts of games. However, this room is also where three different married couples murdered each other. Another place is if you go to the Chicago river, it is said that you can see faces of victims that drowned in the river during a boat accident.

Next week, learn all about Boston’s most haunted places.


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