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Bath’s Most Haunted

My favorite kind of tour is the ghost walk. Most cities offer these and it is a really fun way to learn about the history of the cities lifestyles.

I took a haunted ghost tour of Bath, England which had several places with reports of paranormal activities. Here are just a few:

H6636 Mercure Francis Hotel BathThe Francis Hotel’s room 18 has had so many complaints of a party going on in the room and that the room goes ice cold. During World War II, the room was bombed and destroyed. Years later, on the other side of the hotel, another room 18 was built. New location, same number meant that all the same complaints came back!

There is a tree that is in the park which looks like a tent. It is said that there used to be many duals early in the morning and this tree was an actual medical tent for those who lost. The legend is that if you touch the tree or it’s trunk, you can either feel euphoric or depressed as a result of the death of the participants during the duals.

The Garricks Head, a pub has had the most reports out of anywhere else. I did not get to go in but was highly recommended to go, it is now on my to do list.

Next week, learn all about Chicago’s most haunted places!

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