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Antalya: Perfect Vacation Spot

antalya private rooms

Antalya is a couple of hours plane ride from Istanbul and has many resorts. We went to Susesi which we think was the best. Our friend’s elderly, handicapped father came with us and it was great with plenty of ramps and access to the different parts of the resort. Every night was a different country’s traditional food which was nice.

The many tourists most commonly come from Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Iran. The TVs had channels in all those languages and when the staff heard us speaking English, they couldn’t believe my dad and I came all the way from America. It was well worth the trip, with over four pools and water activities like paragliding, spas, gyms and plenty of food. It was a great vacation. They also had my favorite Turkish brand of chocolate called Brownies, delish!

antalya paragliding

Coming back to America was not so easy. We went through 4 security points from Antalya to Chicago. And driving in these countries are so scary! The laws are really just suggestions so I find closing your eyes is the best way to survive a cab ride.

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