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Luck of the Irish

dublin day 4 in dublin weddingDuring my two week Travel Writing course in Dublin (there is such a class), I took day trips to Malahide, Galway, and Newgrange. Malahide Castle is great, outside is full of greenery and next to a park.  My classmates and I were just like little kids, spending about an hour just in the park alone! Pictured is just one of the many different kid bridges and slides and all things fun.

Galway was breathtaking. The Cliffs of Mohr are the highest in all of Europe. The villages that are near the Cliffs all close by 3 pm but are really charming and I would have loved to spend at least one night in one of the bed and breakfasts. The guide was saying that a woman married and then killed her four husbands, the last happened at the Cliffs. Since then, it has been recommended that us ladies should keep it in mind if we need an “accident” to happen to our spouses! It was also pointed out that for every boy in Dublin, there are four girls. However in Galway, it is the opposite but the boys come with their mothers.

galway highest cliffI took a tour of Newgrange, the oldest building in the world, older than the Egyptian pyramids on my 21st birthday. The mystery of what this building was used for, a church, a burial ground, no one really knows, made me feel like it was symbolizing of an unsure future for me who is just beginning her life. I had no idea that just after my 25th birthday, I would be moving to Auckland!cliffs of mohr


Ireland is a country I definitely am planning to see again and I hope others will too.

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