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Top o’ the mornin’ to ya: Dublin

I spent two weeks mostly in Dublin but also visited Galway and Malahide. It is one of the least expensive cities in the UK with good return taxes and student discounts all over the place.  Top attractions that I recommend to see is the most dublin most famous door - dublin king george?famous door in the world (at least that’s what the guide said), the black and white door that was the home of King George’s mistress. Powerscourt (pictured) is a beautiful place with tons of open area to take walks and it has an interesting history. Then there is the Long Room at the Book of Kells, also known as my dream room. On the balcony, you can see them working on antiques.

 dublin day 3 dublin
Funny but important note, if you take any kind of tour, try not to mention Showtime’s television show “The Tudors.” It was filmed mostly in Dublin and several of us tourists kept asking if these locations were used on the show. This did not make the tour guides happy, some even said under their breath “That f’ing show!”

Temple Bar is the popular part of town, full of shops pubs, and hotels. On Dawson St, there is Ann’s Church where Bram Stoker, author of Dracula got married. Further down the street is the Dawson Lounge, located in the basement and seats 14. The owner had a gambling problem and after he had no more money, he started gambling with his pub. He was left with the basement and that is how it became the smallest pub in Dublin. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, The Brazenhead is a uniquely decorated pub where I found one of the best tuna melt sandwiches. Near by is Kilmainham Prison that closed down and is now a tourist attraction for the low price of 2 eruos. It is also used for several films so you might recognize it! If you are fan of Oscar Wilde, unfortunately his home is closed to the public, it has become a college. dublin brazen head rest

There is a lot to see in Dublin and it is close to other great, beautiful towns and villages. I will be writing about some of those in another blog post.

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