Television Heartbreak

I have seen my fair share of television shows and some I will be a devout fan while others have really tested my patience and disappointed me. Here I give examples of the latter.

Lost-by starpulseLost = I watched it from the very first airing of its pilot. I was confused, scared and excited to see what would happen next. Who were these Others? How was everyone connected to each other? Why are there polar bears in an island? The first three seasons were fantastic and then it all went down hill. It was such a chore to watch and then that stupid finale, they all are dead but aren’t or they’re each others soul mates or both? I don’t know and I don’t care, at least, not anymore.
will_and_grace from lousanz
Will & Grace = This show had and probably still has the cleverest writing in television history. The cast had chemistry, non-stop laugh, caring and loving characters that broke down barriers and tried to help shed light on how homosexuals are looked at and judged. Then as the series continued, it became less about of the four main characters and more about how many famous people can make guest appearances. I do give credit to Harry Connick Jr. who made an impossible situation possible, being the 5th wheel on a very tight nipped group and we all loved him. I forgave him before Grace did!

glee by foxGlee
= It started with songs we hadn’t heard in years, twisted plot lines and a verbally abusive but much loved gym teacher. Then somewhere in season 2, it became a public service announcement: from drinking alcohol to eating disorders to child abuse and everything in between. For what was a clever and fun show to watch, it became so obvious that they were taking their new lead in viewership amongst tweens so seriously, they forgot to have fun with the show. But the worst thing they did was use the present day popular songs. We hear these songs everyday, on the radio, at the mall, everywhere. When we watch Glee, we look forward to hearing some oldies and they just disappointed.


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