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A Baha’i Holy Day & Place

I am a Baha’i, both sides of my family are too. The Baha’i Faith was founded in the mid 1800s in present day Iran. haifia

July 9th is the Martyrdom of the Bab, the Herald of the Baha’i Faith. His resting place is in Haifa, Israel under a big gold dorm. This is where Baha’is go for either a 3 day or 9 day pilgrimage. The resting place of the Founder of the Baha’i Faith, Baha’u’llah is close by in Akka, Israel.

There are breathtaking gardens surrounding the land and the dome has a great view of the city. My mother and I took a 3 day visit in 2006, for my spring break. Quite a unique spring break, where I visited the most holy lands for Baha’is, had great tuna melt sandwiches, and went through the grueling customs at the Tel Aviv Airport.

haifia My biggest advice for anyone visiting Israel, when you are leaving the country, arrive early for plenty of questions. When a plane leaves the country and somebody does an act of terrorism, the country that the plane left from is under investigation. Therefore, Israel takes its security very seriously, questioning, searching, and surveilling so thoroughly, you have told your autobiography. True story: my parents are divorced so my mom and I have different last names, therefore, the airport security asked why my parents got a divorce! My mom went through their marriage and by year 5, the guard said they had enough but my mother said “No, for years I have been asked ridiculous questions by you people, now you ask something I don’t mind answering so you are going to hear the whole story!” Other questions asked are how much was the cost of the taxi, what was the driver’s name, the hotel’s name, etc.

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