The Best & Worst Films To Watch With Your Dad

I get my movie obsession from my dad. When he was a kid, his goal was to have his own home theater which never really came to fruition but with HD TVs and DVRs and On Demand, I count that it has! He and I watch anything and everything. Here is my recommendations to watch with your Dad in honor of Father’s Day:

Top Films to watch with Dad:

The Godfather by Badders1977The Godfather Trilogy

A classic that never gets old. I must admit, this is more for nostalgic reasons, when I was in high school, The Godfather Trilogy box set came out on DVD so my dad got it. At the time, my dad was back in school to get his law degree. I was curious to see what the big fuss was about these films, well at least the first two. So with his text books, he watched them with me. Note that I did not ask him to watch it with me but he insisted. We watched them in one weekend and it is still a great memory. I cried when Sonny, my favorite died in the first and cheered when he made an appearance in a flashback in the second. My father in turn, enjoyed watching my reactions to some of the most memorable scenes, from the horse in the head to the Baptism murders. Even if you have seen these films without Dad, they will never be old and I hope you will have great memories just like I do watching them with mine.

Worst Film to watch to with Dad:


Especially for a daughter, this film’s big twist is quite disturbing. Worst part for me was that I didn’t get it and had to ask my dad what the hell just happened! My poor Dad had to explain as he avoided looking at me. As much of a great film is, the twist is not worth seeing it with Dad, but do check it out!

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