The Best & Worst Films To Watch With Your Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are my top picks for films to watch with your mother and which to steer clear from:

Best Films to watch with Mom:

1) Volver

2) Heartbreakers


Sure these are more for mother daughter films but they have theheartbreakers funniest moments that us ladies can relate to, even if these two films are quite out there. I cry, without fail at the very last line in Volver (you must watch to see what it is if you don’t know already) and my mom and I quote the great Sigourney Weaver all the time from Heartbreakers, using our own heavy Russian accents!!!



Worst Film to watch with Mom:

The Mother

It’s awkward, especially with the term “cougar” going around. My parents and I are not embarrassed with sex scenes and swear words but when the film is about a girl’s boyfriend cheating on her with her own mother, that is going a bit too far for even my mom and me.


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