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Visiting Paris With Mom

I have been to Paris almost every year since I was one, every time, I was with my mother. She studied music in Paris and lived there for seven years so she has close friends there and knows about areas outside of the more famous touristy areas in Paris.

paris me effiel and momPeople ask me if Paris is as romantic as they imagine, my reply is, “I’ve never been to Paris without my mother so romantic is not the word I would use.” In 2009, I was taking a class in Dublin then visiting my cousins in Berlin and Paris. I actually started tearing up because this would have been the first time ever that my mom wouldn’t be there with me. In the end, she got time off work and met me in Paris where we explored her second home for a week. Our favorite thing about Paris is all the crepe stands and the fact that no matter what we ate and how much we ate, we would be walking for hours, therefore we always, and I mean always lost weight!

I asked my mother to write about her experiences with me being in Paris and offer any advice of places people might not know about:

When going to Paris we would stay in  a small hotel in St. Germain des Pres, a young and lively part of the city, we would get crepe au chocolate  from a stand near our hotel for breakfast, visit the city and some times have supper at Café Deux Magos (also with walking distance from our hotel) a famous café where writers and intellectuals of Paris would frequently come for coffee or supper and have debates with their colleagues in the late 1800 and early 1900. We would also visit the oldest part of the city, St Louis en l’ils  where the Notre Dame cathedral is located with many small Parisian restaurants and creperies stands in the alleys., We had crepe au chocolates as a snack then go to restaurant for dinner then go back to the creperis stand to have crepe au chocolate for dessert. 
paris mom and me and crepes
I hope some of these restaurants and locations help people if they ever have thought of visiting Paris again or for the first time. It is known as the city of love and I know it as such with plenty of memories of my mom and me, eating to our hearts content and going around the city like locals.


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