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The Best Tuna Melts I’ve Had Around The World

True, I have not been everywhere but if it’s on the menu, I do order the tuna melt sandwich. No reason in particular, I just really like that kind of sandwich. So here are my top best tuna melts I have had out of everywhere I have visited (so far):

1.) Nof Hotel in Haifa, Israel

The first time I went to Israel was 2006 and at my hotel, I ordered the sandwich. I remember that it was a great portion, great bread, great everything that I would have it for lunch and dinner most nights. I do not have a picture of the place but here is a picture of the Shrine of the Bab, the Forerunner of the Baha’i Faith, which is a 20-30 minute walk away from the Nof Hotel or <10 minute cab ride. There will be more from this trip soon so stay tune!haifia shrine of the Bab march 06







2.) The Brazen Head in Dublin, Ireland

Known as the oldest pub in Ireland, I visited this place twice and after being in Ireland for two weeks, I can safely say this has to be the best place for a tasty, affordable meal. Their walls are decorated of dollar bills from all over the world from people visiting Dublin, the outside has a warm, porch like eating area decorated with Christmas like lights. For <10 euros, you can have a tasty tuna melt with fries aka chips and a drink!dublin brazen head rest







3.) My dad’s tuna melt (where ever he is and if he can get the ingredients)

Here is a picture of my dad’s usual ingredients and tools for making his tuna melt sandwich. Secret ingredient, I think is not necessarily love but having the news in the background. dads tuna copy

4.) Wilmette Subs in Wilmette, IL*

A married couple own this local sandwich place with tons of choices including soups and salad but I love their tuna melt because they offer it with a personal favorite: the pretzel bread. They also serve ice cream year round! I personally think that ice cream helps with stomach aches because it has the perfect balance of sweet and cold. I have their information on my Trover account so please check it out and follow me on Trover! sand wilmette IMG_3507

* Unfortunately, Wilmette Subs has closed down.

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